Pickleberry Pie Hospital Concerts for Kids uses the healing power of music to help kids feel like kids again! We bring professional musicians into hospitals and other institutions to work directly with kids, bringing joy and comfort.  

Pickleberry Pie is committed to continuing our mission of bringing music to children in the hospital. Through our partnerships with hospitals around the country we have been able to find new ways to reach out including Zoom visits and pre-recorded concerts. We also have a new page listing all the online performances done by our artists.

We have greatly appreciated the Pickleberry Pie Hospital Concert Series this summer. There was an 8-year old boy who was having a great time. He especially loved La Bamba as he and his grandma began singing along. The music you provide makes connections not only with the patients but with the families and staff too. – Tory Steeley, UC Davis Children’s Hospital


Hospital Concert for Kids

When kids are in the hospital MUSIC HELPS

“While hospitalization is tough for families and patients alike, the opportunity to allow a child to sing, dance, smile, and to enjoy being a normalized child is like no other. We are extremely grateful to have access to Pickleberry Pie and their performers, and hope that we continue with the opportunity to work with such wonderful artists.”
– Lindie McDonough, Child Life, Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital


“The hospital can be very stressful. So when there are treats that make things feel less like a hospital, that is a God-send. Thank you for offering comfort, it mattered big time.”
-Jennifer Harvey, Mom of J.R.


“Thank you for caring for kids who need more joy in their lives.”
-Joan Gilkison, The Joan L. and Robert C. Gilkison Foundation


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