In Memory and In Honor

People can donate to Pickleberry Pie in memory or in honor of someone special to them. When you donate, just let us know who you would like to honor and they will be listed on this page.

Jennifer with JR Harvey

“The hospital can be a very stressful environment, so when there are treats that make things feel less like a hospital that is a God-send. When you are battling a disease that can shorten your little one’s life span it becomes even more important for sweet memories to be made every day to hold onto – some sunshine for those dark moments. Thank you for offering comfort, it mattered big time.”      – Jennifer Harvey, mother






  • Linda Hobson in memory of her son Josh Hobson
  • Jennifer Harvey in memory of her son J.R. Harvey
  • Nancy Shields in honor of the Perlman family
  • Josh Rosenberg in memory of Rabbi Aaron Gorovitz
  • Barbara Goldstein in honor of Dr. & Mrs. Al Miller
  • Alicia & Robert Walker in honor of Eva Bloch
  • Esther Heitler in memory of James Heitler
  • D-R Martin in honor of Lori Kearney
  • Dr. Mario & Therese Molina in honor of Dave Kinnoin
  • Lois Gushin in honor of Jeffrey Gushin
  • Esther Heitler in honor of Linda Manning

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